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And, Also, As Well As, In Addition To, Too

Nov 7, 2018

On the season 1 finale, King Hummeltharp drops by to let me know the show is canceled unless I return for a season 2! Then Brewmaster to the king John Pobbles stops by to talk about his latest ale creation.

Oct 9, 2018


Billy Simple is back on the show to talk about his commune’s unique sense of justice and punishment. Then Horse Detective Joe McGinty is here to talk about his recent cases involving a large stalker horse who dresses like a human. 


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Oct 1, 2018


Jonathan Patrick Ogilvy, III and Marcus Wahlberry are back, with bodyguards, to hide from folks who may want to do them harm. They have each prepared a famous speech from Shakespeare to recite in order to see who is the greatest actor that was ever borned. Then social media entrepreneur Kram Kuczergreb returns to try...

Sep 18, 2018



Hecklin Darp returns to the show with a new positive outlook on life, and a potential future career! Then Mister Twister returns to the show to talk about his new series of children’s videos. Lastly, Lou Sprockets returns to the show to talk about his new book about the mysterious disappearance of a...

Sep 12, 2018

This week we really realize how dumb the host of this show is. Then filmmaker Milton Breadsmith stops by and gets his feelings hurt. Then, stand up comedian Largemouth Larry brings his new stand up material about scuzzbags to the show. And we talk about which letter is the most disgusting letter of the alphabet.