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And, Also, As Well As, In Addition To, Too

Feb 18, 2019

Largemouth Larry returns to the show to try to convince Simon they’re best friends! Then a new guest, Certified Public Accountant Marvin Weathersnout, makes his debut to talk about his accounting firm, and he brings along his trans-dimensional companion Hamulon! 


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Feb 5, 2019

Jonathon Patrick Ogilvy, III and Marcus Wahlberry are back to talk about their new play, and the new love interest in Marcus’ life. Later, newcomer Dolly Fillhopper is on the show to promote their new enhanced reality game “Aggressively Adequate”.


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Jan 22, 2019

Billy Simple returns to talk about the color of everyone’s auras and how this relates to the brightness of their spirits. Then Higgins the Wizard returns to declare his beef with the Wizard of Id. 

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Jan 8, 2019

Simon is returning for Season Two! We’re staying off with two new guests! First is, don’t ask me. I would know, Alice Wintweather! And who knows what she does! She doesn’t want the responsibility! Next Russian Clown for Exercise and Yahtzee Gladimir is here!


We’re back!


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Nov 7, 2018

On the season 1 finale, King Hummeltharp drops by to let me know the show is canceled unless I return for a season 2! Then Brewmaster to the king John Pobbles stops by to talk about his latest ale creation.